Diet and Exercise Plan: Tips for Weight Loss

Everyone has an opinion as to whether diet or exercise works best when trying to lose weight. Which method will provide the best weight loss results, and more importantly, which will help in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, diabetes and cancer?

Both diet and exercise are important when considering a weight loss plan, and each regimen has important benefits when considering the war on obesity. More than 45 million Americans belong to a health club and yet obesity continues to rise at an alarming rate. How do you determine the best strategy to drop those excess pounds without disrupting your daily routine?

Weight loss is never an easy task and achieving long term results can be even harder. A sense of determination is essential when attempting to get results from any fitness routine. Despite popular belief, there are a number of diet and exercise plans for weight loss that are extremely effective. Below you’ll discover several weight loss diet and exercise plans that will surely provide you with results, although results may vary.

Exercise Plan for Weight Loss Tips:

On the exercising side of things, here are a few tips to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

  • Whenever, starting on a weight loss diet and exercise plan, go slow and steady. Do not get caught in the notion of losing weight within weeks. For healthy weight loss, at least target a period of 3 to 6 months.
  • It is important to warm-up, before you start any workout. Before any workout, do a warm-up of mild jogging for 10 minutes. This will get the blood circulating evenly in your body and make your body ready for a heavy physical workout.
  • Keep a water bottle and a hand towel near you, during a workout. Between every workout session, take a two minute break, sip a little water and use a towel to wipe off the sweat.
  • The workout consists of three parts, warm-up, cardiovascular exercises and strength training exercises.
  • After the warm up, do at least half an hour of cardio and then 15 minutes of strength training. If you are a beginner, read exercise routines for beginners.
  • You can do the workout at home or join a gym and enroll yourself for a weight loss program.
  • For weight loss, focus on exercises which burn the maximum calories. The best cardio workout is skipping, then comes running and workout on fitness equipment like cross-trainers (elliptical machines).
  • All of the above exercises are great cardio exercises and are a full body workout. However, for weight loss in a specific body part, weight training is essential.
  • Weight training exercises, will help you lose weight from a particular body part, like waist or arms. They will also tone up your muscles, and make you look attractive.
  • After you finish your workout, rest for 10 minutes.
  • If you are highly overweight, and wish to lose weight faster, you can do the workout twice in a day.

Calorie Expenditure During Exercise:

The calories a person expends during any type of physical activity are directly related to his or her body weight. In other words, it takes more calories for a 180 pound man to walk a mile than for a 110 pound woman to walk the same distance. In contrast, a 130 pound male or female will burn approximately the same number of calories while participating in identical activities, for example:

  • General house cleaning = 207
  • Mowing the lawn with a riding mower = 150
  • Mowing the lawn with a self-propelled mower = 275
  • Mowing the lawn with a push mower = 425
  • Walking 4 miles = 236
  • Walking 8 miles = 475
  • Bicycling 10 miles = 236
  • Running 5.2 miles = 531
  • Running 10 miles = 1,021

Diet Plan for Weight Loss Tips:

Besides exercising regularly, you will need a complementary diet plan for your ‘lose weight’ motives.

  • All right, the most important thing to remember is to ‘eat right’, never starve yourself and avoid overeating at all times.
  • Follow a balanced diet by including a lot of fruits, green vegetables and sprouts in your meals.
  • You can start your breakfast with fruits and sprouts and some healthy fruit juices. Avoid having coffee or tea, if you really want to have tea, go for green tea.
  • For lunch, you can have your normal meal, with lots of salad. In salads, eat the vegetables raw, without any dressing. If you want a dressing, go for lemon juice.
  • In evenings, eat healthy snacks, like a bowl of fruits and some fresh juice and eat a normal dinner, with lots of salads.
  • Drink a lot of fluids and drink at least 2.5 liters of water daily. The water will keep your body clean and hydrated.
  • Maintain a diary of your daily food intake. Make sure you burn more calories than you eat.
  • Avoid, eating any junk food and avoid fried stuff and sugary sodas.

So, these were the tips for a diet and exercise plan for weight loss. But, if you are really aiming at weight loss, always remember these two, diet and exercise tips regular exercising and eating right. There are many health benefits of exercise, which you will experience during this plan. So good luck!

Best Diet for Effective Weight Loss:

There are countless diets available and new ones coming out all the time, for example, the Mediterranean diet, adkins’s diet, cabbage soup diet, no sugar no flour diet, grapefruit diet, etc. However, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, the healthiest diet is one that includes all the items in its established Food Pyramid:

  • Whole grain breads, crackers, pasta, rice, etc.
  • Dark-green and orange vegetables, plus dried peas and beans.
  • Fruit, preferably fresh, frozen, canned, or dried, but go easy on fruit juices since most contain high percentages of sugar.
  • Milk or cheese products, either low fat or fat free, although if people cannot consume milk products, they can substitute lactose free products.
  • Low fat and lean meat and poultry, preferably baked, broiled, or grilled.

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