Effective Tips of Weight Loss With Hot Water

There is one question that is very popular nowadays, how do I loss all my excess weight? This is fast becoming a problem with a lot of people due to bad eating habits and not giving time for exercise. America today is the worldwide leader in obesity. Maybe because of all the fast food available or maybe it is because most of the time instead of cooking a nice healthy dinner we settle for pizza delivery or maybe it is because of that super sized burger meal you order daily.

Drinking hot water is beneficial as drinking cold water. The purpose of drinking liquid is that, it hydrates our body. Cold water or hot water,both will serve the purpose of hydrating the body. Though cold water can be easily drank than hot water but hot water has more benefits than cold water. Drinking hot water is an inexpensive way of reducing weight.

5 Ways of Weight Loss With Hot Water:

  • In order to make sure that you are adequately hydrated, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Drinking more water helps you to reduce weight quickly.
  • Heat the water twice in a day before drinking. Drinking hot water makes our body to burn more calories. In other words, drinking hot water means burning extra calories which helps in reducing weight.
  • Drink water before the consumption of your meals. Drinking water will give the feeling of fullness resulting in consuming less food and overeating.
  • Drinking hot water before having your meals will make you feel full sooner and therefore you eat less food.
  • If you do not want to get bored, try different variations. You can add different types of herbal teas with different flavors such as splendor and sugar free drinks. It will also give you health benefits.

Weight Loss Tips With Hot Water:

  • Wear a neoprene waist belt under your business suit at work, while on a road trip, etc. You can sweat off water weight.
  • Be sure to shower with an antibacterial or strong shower gel before and after wearing the belt. You want to reduce as much chance for body odor while wearing the belt.
  • Neoprene shorts are also made and those are great to cover the bloat prone areas of the stomach, hips and thighs.
  • This is not for long term weight loss but to quickly eliminate water weight for a special occasion.
  • Weekly use with certain products (Bliss) can eliminate the appearance of cellulite for a temporary basis.
  • These are great tips to try before a wedding, special occasion, weigh-in for sports, beach trip, etc. but should never been done as part of a routine weight loss plan.
  • If possible you can avoid the wrapping by spending several minutes a day in a dry sauna. Not only will you lose water weight but it is also soothing to the muscles and joints.
  • If you must combine the wrapping please make sure you remove and and all wrappings before entering a sauna. The heat from the sauna will melt the plastics and could cause burns to the skin.
  • One thing that will help is a diet high in protein. Protein is a natural sort of diuretic. Meaning it works in the body to pull water from cells. It then passes from the body as urine. It is also important to drink plenty of water to keep from becoming toxic.


  • This is a tip for events when you must loose some water weight/bloat to fit into an outfit that is slightly too snug, make a certain weight for a weigh-in, etc.
  • These tips should not replace a healthy diet or effective work out plan.
  • Do not overexert yourself or wear so long you become dehydrated. Do not add additional heat sources (heating pads) to increase the thermal effects. You can sustain burns from the pad or from melting the plastic.
  • Remove the wraps if you start cramping, feeling dizzy or feel too hot. Drink cool fluids to bring down your body temperature and move to a cool area.

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