Lost Highway Jewelry by Sylvie Markovina

{YBA} A physical manifestation of Grapes of Wrath, the “Lost Highway” spring 2010 collection by up-and-coming jewelry designer Sylvie Markovina crafts classic Americana tales of dusty routes and wayward beauty.

The pieces look as if abandoned jalopies on the side of the road were taken apart and then pieced back together in the spirit of the desert flora growing in between the old Jeep skeletons. Cuffs are fashioned to look like carburetors (or perhaps rolls of dried bark?), brassy coils look like the underbelly of both rattlesnakes and tires, and desert roses get molded into bronzed headbands and knuckle dusters.

We’re absolutely enamored by the allusive collection and are eager to get our grubby fingers on the pieces when they become available on her website later this season. Trust, with one of Sylvie’s pieces around our necks, we’d be happy to drive off into the sunset, even if it’s only just down the West Side Highway.

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