Best Makeup Tips For Hazel Eyes

Women with hazel eyes have the best of both worlds. Their diverse flecked irises make way for a multitude of complimentary shades. Hazel eyes can be made up to look classic, romantic, or downright sultry. The best way to highlight beautiful hazel eyes is to think outside the box and explore a full makeup palette in a realm of colors.

Eye Makeup Ideas For Hazel Eyes

Before starting the hazel eyes makeup, collect all the things that you generally need for eye makeup, which are eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. Choose the shades first so that you do not need to stop the eye makeup in between and run for something. Below given are some simple hazel eye makeup tips.


Applying eyeshadow is the first step in case of eye makeup for hazel eyes. Eye makeup plays a very important role in making the eyes look different. The eyeshadow for hazel eyes depends on many factors like the occasion, the desired effect and the eye color. For daytime, choose a lighter shade and vice versa. In case of hazel eye color, it is much more difficult to choose the right shade, because the hazel eyes consist of many shades. So find out the most prominent shade of your eyes.

Like for example, if brown is the most dominant color of your eyes, go for taupe or brown. But if you are not able to determine the prominent color, go for neutral colors like cream, beige, black or baby pink. Apart from these colors, you can try violet, lilac and plum. For a dramatic look, try gold shimmer or green. However, do not experiment with too much of blue, as it looks great only when applied in the right amount and to a specific skin tone.


When it comes to eyeliner, the shade should be chosen very carefully as the wrong shade can spoil the entire look! There are many eyeliner shades that do suit the hazel eyes, but there are certain colors which should not be tried with hazel color. If you are planning for a brunch, you should go for the classic black or brown eyeliner. For an evening fling, go for gold or green eyeliner. These colors will accentuate the hazel color of your eyes. Strictly avoid yellow, gray and blue eyeliner. All these colors are in contrast to your eye color and will give a weird look to your face.


Mascara is also one of the important constituent in case of eye makeup for hazel eyes. Mascara makes the eyes look wider and more ‘awake’. Many people wonder how to apply mascara to hazel eyes, but the method is exactly same as it is in the case of all other eye colors. Again black and brown colors are the right choice for your eye color. You can even blend them together for a smoky look. If you want to try something different, go for purple mascara. This will help to bring out the greenish color in your eyes.

How To Apply Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes

  • Before you begin with your mPick out your preferred eyeliner and begin by applying it from the inner corner of the eye towards the outer corner, along the top eyelid. You can also use an eye or kohl pencil for desired results. Shimmer liner looks good on green eyes and can be used to accentuate your looks, if you are applying a neutral shade.r color last longer.
  • Decide on the eye shadow first, before you start on with your makeup. Begin with the darkest shade and apply it to the crease of your lid, starting from the inner corner and moving towards the outer edge. Use the lighter shade on the brow bone or the area below the eyebrow. Remember, merge the shades well.
  • Add curls to your lashes by using an eyelash curler. This will heighten the impact of your peepers. Remember to use smudge proof mascara, for a long lasting effect.

These were some of the hazel eyes makeup ideas. Besides the above mentioned shades, do experiment with other shades also and make the world bewildered by your changing eye colors!

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