High Heel Shoes Spring/Summer 2010 – The Matter of Transparent

{YBA} Love them or hate them, because of their such extreme variety and diversity by shape, colour and look, high heels are the most adored form of footwear ever.

High heel shoes are worn for many occasions, whether it be just walking to the supermarket or socialising in the local restaurant or bar, to formal events and gatherings such as work, meetings, party’s and weddings. In every instance the high heel shoe respectively remains smart, sophisticated and elegant, as well as being the height of fashion and ultimately a sign of true class.

High Heel transparent shoes were all over the Spring runways, including those of Dsquared2, Prada and Fendi. Prada’s shoes were all no-nonsense with metallic accents, while Fendi‚Äôs Spring 2010 shoes had a softer look with pretty ties and a clear stacked platform and Dsquared2 rocked out with studded embellishments. Definitely an interesting turn for footwear!

We bring you the finest collection of high heel transparent and clear shoes. Whether you are starting a new job, become gorgeous in a prom, looking to expand your shoe collection, want to look taller or sexier, a heel fanatic, looking for advice on how to walk in them or just curious, we hope to provide you with this awesome, charming and dazzling high heels transparent shoes collection.

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