Gorgeous Room Decorating Ideas For Boys

Decorating your home should be fun. However, if you have a tight budget, it can be a little stressful. Sometimes, if the budget is too tight, decorating gets left to the haphazard throwing together of a room. Don’t let this happen to your boy’s room. When decorating a boys room, the usual starting point is choosing a boys bedding set. From there, you can begin to choose what color you would like to paint the walls and how you would like to accent the room, making it both a creative space for learning and also a calm space for sleep.

If you know a young boy who loves cars and trucks (and most do), here is a very simple do-it-yourself idea for transforming the closet doors of bedroom or play room into amazing chalkboard roads, compete with double yellow center lines. The following themes can be adapted to a two-year-old boy or a ten-year-old boy. Here are some unique decorating ideas to get you started on your boy’s room.

Decorating Ideas For a Boy’s Room:

  • Boys who love to collect bugs or a big fan of spider man or batman, would love curtains, linens, bed sheets and valences featuring spiders or bats, as the case may be.
  • Colors from your boy’s favorite superhero’s outfit can be used as the guiding colors for their bedroom decor.
  • An inexpensive net fabric can be used to make the web for the Spiderman wall hanging that your boys will simply love and can be hung above their beds, dressers, night stand or study table.
  • Boys who love diving and swimming or often dream about searching for treasure-laden ships or weird look aquatic animals underwater, may have rooms with medium to lighter shades of blue gracing its walls and accents such as lamps shaped as seahorses, seashells and framed pictures of scuba divers. Bigger boys can also have a glass bowl with one or two goldfish or an aquarium to add the realistic touch to the theme bedroom decor.
  • Aspiring astronauts may love to live and sleep in rooms transformed into outer space by painting the walls in medium to dark blue shades. Accents can include star-shaped ceiling lights, sparkling silvery-moons and posters and bed shaped like spaceships.
  • Most boys love automobiles and crave for cars. Besides the more expensive options of bed shaped like big cars, you can create a moving scene painting wall mural that seems like fields or scenery rushing off as one is driving during sunsets. Traffic signposts are often easiest to paint along with long winding roads. Small cheap plastic toy cars can be attached to the walls, dressers and armoires using wall putty to make the room look like a busy city street.

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