Should You Cut Your Hair Short When You’re Over 40

Everyone has seen it, an older person wearing ‘young people’ clothing and, let’s face it, not pulling it off. That doesn’t mean you should dress old after 40. It simply means you should dress for your personal style and body image. There are plenty of celebrities who prove that age is irrelevant.

The same can be said of hairstyles. There is no ager when you should stop adopting a specific hairstyle. You simply have to decide what you are comfortable with. The great thing about hair is that if you use a premium product, such as the Olaplex range, your hair will look luxurious and spectacular regardless of your age or style.

Why Short Hair?

That being said, it is funny but many people over 40 choose to have their hair cut shorter. Naturally, this decision is different for everyone but there are several common factors that may convince you to try shorter hair after 40.

  • Frees You

There is something incredibly freeing about chopping your hair and choosing a short hairstyle. It can be compared to rebelling against the system as women are often seen as more feminine when they have long flowing hair.

Naturally, choosing to have shorter hair is also a great way to reflect your personal style and show people who you really are.

  • Easier to Maintain

Short hair is easier to maintain. You use less product to keep it looking great and you will need to spend less time washing and styling it. That is great at any time in your life. However, once you are past 40 many people start to take on new projects that help them pursue their own dreams. At the same time, this can be a very busy time of life, saving time on hair care can be a real blessing!

  • Looks Great

There is little doubt that short hair can be just as stylish and sexy as long hair. There are plenty of great short hairstyles. When you look great you feel great, this will help your confidence levels and help you to appreciate, and make the most of any opportunity that comes your way.

A Note Regarding Long Hair

There is no reason not to wear shorter hair after 40. However, you should note that short hair is more likely to emphasize your age. This is because the ends of shorter hair will often adopt a triangular effect, which is unflattering.

Longer hair, especially if you have thick hair, will look more polished and frame your face and figure better. This will help you to look younger.

Final Thoughts

It should be said that there is no right or wrong way to wear your hair. It doesn’t matter whether you are 20, 30, 40, or over 60, you can choose the hairstyle that you are most comfortable with. It is this that will make you feel great and allow others to see your inner beauty.

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