Country Style Home Decorating Ideas

The country style of home decorating remains popular because the suggestion of rural life can seem to offer simplicity and a refuge from urban pressures. Country style decorating can draw its inspiration from French, English, Swedish, American, and other cultural influences. However, pieces from different periods and traditions can be blended in one home as long as comfort is the principle ingredient.

No country style room should be too studied, for it is meant to be lived in. The beauty of country-style decorating is that you may have inherited some great heirlooms that can give you the impetus to start a collection of appropriate pieces. You may have a flair for picking up great flea-market bargains or for crafting quality items that can be incorporated into your scheme.

Country home decor is the most sought after home interior and it’s no wonder since country decor invites a casual friendly lifestyle. Make sure you carefully study the specific style, and color scheme then carefully coordinate the colors of each element of your country decor. The term country home decorating can have different implications to different people. There are many styles of home decorating ideas and rustic decor that share a similar theme.

Country Style Home Decor Ideas

Fabrics and Wallpaper:

For the modern country style, we should use the floral fabrics and papers sparingly, and all flounces and frills should be banished, in search of a sleeker, cleaner look. The floral prints should blend together, and color palettes should be restricted to a few colors, and the patterns should be kept small. And don’t forget that there are some lovely wallpaper prints too that can compliment your floral fabrics, but make sure that what you choose is understated and not too busy.

Using Flowers:

For some more country style decorating ideas, those wanting the cottage country look, dried flowers are still acceptable. However, if you are trying to go for a modern country look, then the flowers should be fresh, and ideally non-exotic blooms would be your choice; old-fashioned climbing or dog roses, delphiniums and wallflowers, daisies and cosmos in the summer months, hawthorn berries, olive cuttings and the like in the winter and primroses, fruit blossoms, poppies and bulbs in the spring. See how cleverly the flowers here have been specifically chosen to echo the pattern on the jug, and as a result, looks very effective.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

The bedroom is an area of solitude where you can relax or read a book. Cane bedroom furniture and antique bedroom furniture are the types of furniture used as bedroom furniture. Light fixtures in the bedroom can add to the country style decoration. The bedside light fixtures can be French shades to add to the beauty of the bedroom. Bedroom, the comfort zone of the house which can be decorated with porcelain flowers and figurines displayed in glass cabinets, impart a country style look. Even the vase used for keeping the flowers can be antique.

Kitchen Decorating Ideas:

Decorating your kitchen in country style is very easy because it involves only changing the hardware of your kitchen cabinet and window curtains. Glass enclosures and wooden panels to support them is one of the best ways to decorate your kitchen cabinets. The shelves made of glass and the glass doors of the cabinets add to the charm of your kitchen. Many a times, open shelves can render a cottage style look to the kitchen.

Decorating Ideas for Furniture:

The ideal type of furniture for your modern country style has clean lines, but still has that country feel. The plain Shaker furniture is ideal for this. The bed and bedside table in the picture here, is an example of Shaker furniture. It is widely admired for its simplicity, old-fashioned dove-tailed joinery, quality, and functionality without being stark.

Instead, the bare wood, or painted finishes give a homely, farmhouse feel, and the warmth of the timber is highlighted by the patchwork quilt. The quilt is another accessory for a convincing, country feel. A sure-fire recipe for country-themed bedrooms is to paint the walls one solid color first, and then introduce a floral look in the bed-linen and soft-furnishings.

Decorating Ideas for Accessories:

Enamelware is still in vogue and another essential corner of your modern country style decorating ideas. There are many other kitchen accessories that one can find in enamel, besides the pot opposite, such as bread bins, colanders, pots, jugs and canisters. Like the Shaker furniture in the bedroom, this can be carried very effectively through to the kitchen, to again emphasize simplicity and clean lines.

Open-shelved dressers, wooden draining racks for plates above a Belfast sink, and the quintessential wooden table for practicality and to sit around and chat during cold winter nights, and gatherings of friends.

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