Style Tips: How to Layer Jewelry

Did you know that the jewelry industry is worth over 320 billion dollars? The demand for jewelry continues to rise because of the rapid change in fashion trends. Wearing jewelry enhances a person’s visual aesthetic and style.

Having a good mix of jewelry is essential in keeping your outfit execution flawless. Jewelry layering is a simple trick in the style that can make any outfit stand out. It allows you to wear your favorite pieces in a wardrobe together.

To know more about this trend, here are a few of our top style tips on how to layer jewelry.

1. Necklaces

A tip on how to layer jewelry is wearing pieces that look good with the color of your clothes. For a casual t-shirt and jeans look, wear gold. If you’re wearing traditional fabrics, a pop of vibrant color boosts the look big-time.

Wearing many necklaces all at once can make you look like a jewelry store model if done unplanned. So, a pro-tip in wearing necklaces is layering with various lengths. This method keeps the jewelry from clashing with each other.

During the summertime, wearing themed jewelry works wonders! Adding charms to necklaces and bracelets is a way to express your personality. This post highlights trendy charms for your jewelry styling on the summer holidays.

2. Earrings

Earrings can change the vibe of an outfit. So, in layering earrings, work from biggest to smallest as you work up the ear. This method prevents the ears from looking cluttered.

When you buy jewelry like an earring, consider a versatile color when choosing. Silver usually works best with outfits for an elegant event. A pair of silver earrings worn with an elegant silver chain is striking yet graceful.

You can choose one statement earring and build around it. Play with shapes and finishes for adventurous style. The next time you purchase jewelry, feel free to explore textures and fun colors.

3. Rings

The key to layering or stacking rings is playing with the thickness. Combine some dainty rings with chunkier ones for balance. Also, mix up the height and finishes to create a unique look.

Did you know that there are 2 million weddings in the US per year? And, with weddings come rings. Wearing a ring symbolizes devotion, fidelity, and love.

With wedding rings, you can mix different metals. Rose gold and yellow gold usually look good together. You can pair a similar bracelet with the same material for a more put-together look.

Another tip to remember is you can layer on different fingers. It’s best to wear a bigger one on the ring finger. Leave the thumb and pinky finger bare to keep everything balanced.

Make Any Outfit Stand Out by Knowing How to Layer Jewelry

These are a few tips on how to layer jewelry. Use this guide to elevate your style and make your outfits stand out. Feel free to mix and match to find the perfect balance and style.

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