Best Makeup Tips For Sensitive Skin

Applying makeup on sensitive skin can turn out to be an incredible challenge due to the numerous problems that can occur such as skin irritation, redness and others. Because giving up makeup is not a desirable solution we must find ways to change our makeup routine with safer alternatives.

Skin sensitivity is a common problem within of all ages. The increased reactivity of the skin can cause a variety of problems when it comes to our makeup routine and might even discourage us from using makeup at all. While it might not always be possible to eliminate the underlying causes of skin sensitivity there are plenty of methods to decrease the sensitivity of the skin or at least to minimize the reactivity of the skin. Understanding why our skin reacts negatively in certain situations is the first step in creating strategies to meet our goal.

However, there is no need to get alarmed or think about giving up the use of any cosmetic items. This piece of writing provides you with some cosmetic tips for sensitive skin, and details on the cosmetic products that are friendly to sensitive skin.

Best Makeup For Sensitive Skin

Choose Powder When Possible

Powder cosmetics are not only good at removing shine, they have very few preservatives and contain minimal ingredients that can cause skin irritation. Powder cosmetics are much less likely to cause problems for women with sensitive skin than their liquid counterparts.

Face Makeup for Sensitive Skin

Choose your foundations, blushes and concealers wisely. Pick up ones that are labeled hypoallergenic or non-comedogenic as these are said to be the best foundations for sensitive skin. Also, select powder based products over liquid based. Liquid based products contain water which might develop bacteria.

If liquid based products are something you just can’t live without, pick up the ones that contain silicone. They don’t guarantee anything but are relatively much safer in terms of allergies, rashes and irritation. However, you can also buy the best mineral makeup for sensitive skin from any cosmetic store. Mineral makeup is mineral based and is thus safe.

Eyes Makeup for Sensitive Skin

The eyes are the most sensitive part of the body when it comes to applying makeup and therefore, people with sensitive skin should pay extra caution when choosing makeup for the eyes. It is advisable to make use of black color mascara or eyeliners, since black color cosmetics contain less irritants and chemicals than the colored ones.

Also make sure to cut down on the use of liquid liners because they contain latex that can prove to be harmful for sensitive skin. Go for light colored, earthy eye shadows like white, cream or skin colored ones, since light colored cosmetics contain fewer pigments than their darker counterparts.

Lip Makeup for Sensitive Skin

Lips are not really very sensitive like other areas of skin on the face. However, some women and men alike, face a problem of dry and chapped lips even in summers. This can be avoided by using moisturizing chap sticks (for men) and lipsticks.

These sort of rehydrate your lips and keep them from drying often. Also, don’t go for the long-lasting lipsticks and lip liners. These contain ingredients that might lead to drying and chapping. Always clean your face with the sensitive skin cleanser to avoid any other irritation.

Tips To Follow

  • Avoid using waterproof cosmetic products since you will have to make use of a makeup remover to get rid of these cosmetics which will also deplete your skin of essential oils.
  • Keep the makeup simple with minimum use of cosmetic products. Gaudy makeup does not go well on all faces and it also means use of more cosmetic products can cause skin irritation. Therefore, try and keep the use of cosmetics to the minimum and wear a more natural and beautiful look.
  • It is advisable to conduct a patch test before buying any cosmetic product. A patch test will help you protect your skin from potential problem ingredients.
  • Throw away your old cosmetic products. Holding on to the beauty products after they have passed their expiry date will cause irritation and infectious reactions to sensitive skin.
  • Make use of powder cosmetic products instead of liquid cosmetics, since liquid cosmetics will contain more skin irritating ingredients than the powder cosmetics.
  • Cleanliness is another mantra to deal with sensitive skin. It is advisable to maintain good hygiene for every makeup routine. Make sure that you wash your hands before applying makeup and also keep the cosmetic tools clean.

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