Tips For Getting Started With Foot Orthotics

Vancouver is famed for being one of the world’s most liveable cities due to its perfect blend of nature conservation and modernity. It’s no wonder locals and tourists treasure it as their favourite swimming, hiking, and surfing hub. Moreover, official stats indicate that before 2031 ends, 25% of Vancouver’s population will be over 65 years. But why will a shift in this special demographic affect the market potential of foot-related orthotics Vancouver? It will affect it because senior citizens are leading orthotic consumers.

Before delving into more details, what are foot-related orthotics? They are special and customized shoes or heel inserts for correcting deformed feet, supporting ankles, reducing further injuries, and enabling deformed feet or ankles to function well.

But how do you enjoy your new orthotics for your feet and start your new journey in them without unnecessary hassles? Keep reading to learn how to break through with new foot orthotics and optimize their benefits.

  • Determine If They Fit

It’s critical to ensure that the feet orthotics fit you well. It’s best to test them barefooted, although socks don’t make much difference. If you are buying an orthotic for a flat foot, pay attention to its arch support and ensure it works. When purchasing a soft orthotic, ensure it absorbs shocks and provides sufficient cushioning.

  • Fitting Them to Your Shoes

At times, it may be necessary to trim down your orthotics around the toe areas to make them fit into your shoes. It would be best if you trimmed them by following the instructions on the package. Cut small portions at a time and keep testing how well they fit after chopping off small sections until you achieve the perfect fit.

  • Remove Any Other Additional Support

You should also remove any other additional support from your shoes to enjoy your new orthotics. For example, if they have arch supports, remove them because you can directly wear your orthotics over flat shoe inserts.

  • Get Used to Them

Get used to your orthotics with time by using them for your daily routine activities like going to work.

  • Increase Your Wear Time Slowly

It takes a few days or weeks to get used to the orthotics. Thus, increase your wear gradually as you use your new orthotics to help you carry on with your normal life in Vancouver. Don’t start by wearing orthotics for many hours on the first day. You may begin by wearing them for three hours before removing your shoes. The next day, you may increase it to five hours until you get used to wearing them for a whole day.

  • In Case of Soreness

Don’t increase your wear time if your feet are sore. It’s prudent and safer to remain at your current wear time for longer instead of raising it only to aggravate the sores. Wait for the sores to disappear before increasing your wear time again.

  • Don’t Rush to Use Them In Your Sport Shoes

Don’t rush to use your orthotics in the shoes you use for sporting activities. Please wait until you can comfortably wear them for a full day while performing your regular daily duties. Afterwards, start using them in your sports shoes progressively the same way you did with your normal shoes.

  • Caring for Them

When you get orthotics in Vancouver, you must master how to wash them properly. Wash them with mild soap and water, and dry them well before using them again. Never place them in a drier, and if unsure, consult your podiatrist for precise care instructions.

There you have it. Utilize these tips to get the most out of your orthotics.

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