Why Should You Choose a Carnivore Diet as a DASH Diet for Weight loss?

The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet is promoted by the U.S based National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. The primary purpose of the diet is to reduce high blood pressure. However, the DASH diet for weight loss has become a popular notion because many have enjoyed it after incorporating it into their lifestyle.

The carnivore diet, consisting predominantly of meat- is also a viable option for losing excess fat and gaining lean muscle mass. By choosing the carnivore diet as a DASH diet, one can see some noticeable differences. 

How Does the DASH Diet Work? 

When you are on a DASH diet, you are allowed to take in healthy dairy, lean meat, and legumes, along with whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The diet focuses on removing starchy substances and sugar from the food list, along with sodium. Starch helps in gaining body weight, and both fat and sodium are dangerous for heart health. It increases blood pressure by forcing the heart to work harder. 

How Does a Carnivore Diet Help as a Dash Diet?

By taking lean meat, free of fat, you can include more protein, iron and magnesium in your diet while completely cutting off starch and sugar. Sugar causes lethargy and slows down the body. With starch and sugar eliminated from the system, you gradually start feeling more active. 

Moreover, the diet also drastically reduces your cravings for sugary food. It becomes easier to resist cravings for candies and prevents binge-eating. A carnivore diet leaves you feeling fuller, so you eat less, allowing the digestive system to metabolize the food completely. There is no excess fatty deposit that results in weight gain. 

How Soon Can You See the Effects?

Depending on your body’s metabolism, you can start noticing the difference within weeks of starting a carnivore diet as a DASH diet for weight loss. You will find more energy to work out and complete the complex and rigorous regimens which seemed so strenuous at first. 

You will feel more active and energized throughout the day, and you will see better results when you stand on the scale. While on a diet, you should focus on getting around three hours of moderately intense physical activity so that your body can efficiently digest the all-meat carnivore diet. 

You should also limit your alcohol consumption and refrain from seeing the best results from taking any. The results will vary from person to person according to their body type, lifestyle, gender, age, and pre-existing health condition. 

If you are thinking of going on a DASH diet for weight loss and your heart health, you should consult a dietician to guide you about the dietary regulations you should make. 

The carnivore diet is restricting in certain aspects, so it will take a lot of emotional restraint, as you will be giving up many of the things you used to indulge in. However, in the end, it will prove to be a rewarding experience as you gain a fitter and leaner body and enjoy good cardiac health in the process.

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