Top 8 Best Food to Eat During Pregnancy

    April 16, 2014
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10 Outstanding Glitter Mehndi Designs for Summer 2014

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7 New Mascaras To Must Try Today

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How To Break Down Belly Fat Fast

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15 Latest and Stylish Handmade Bangles for Girls

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Bangles or usually known as choorian are known as jewellery of women, there are different kinds of bangles to accessorize with different clothing giving a total feminine look. Latest handmade [...]

10 Valuable Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

    March 11, 2014
Summer is here and we’re sure you’re all enjoying your swims. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, burning up to 200 calories per half hour of vigorous laps, notes, but [...]

6 Amazing Spring Acne Care Tips

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15 Fresh Shoes Trends for Spring 2014

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How To Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain

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What makes pregnancy such a pain in the back? Back pain is very common, as pregnancy hormones relax your joints, ligaments and muscles. And the weight you naturally gain in [...]

7 Effective Foundations for Dry Skin 2014

    February 5, 2014
Women with dry skin usually don’t have to worry about their foundation fading, breaking down or wearing off before the end of the day like their oily-skinned counter-tops. Foundations for dry [...]