Permanent Hair Removal at Home for Women

Unwanted, excess hair is one of the common issues women face in the modern world. This practice was linked to social, cultural, religious and aesthetic reasons. But, nowadays hair removal has become an indispensable beauty ritual, which is practiced through various methods. Most women would like to do away with unwanted body hair completely, but the options for permanent hair removal are limited. With the advancement of technology, there are many ways in which you can perform permanent hair removal at home. Below are some common permanent hair removal at home procedures which achieve excellent results:

The Best Ways on Permanent Hair Removal at Home

  1. Electrolysis is the permanent hair removal system which was develop first, and remains one of the main techniques for eradicating unwanted hair. The main advantages of electrolysis are that it is equally effective with all colors and thicknesses of hair and all skin colors, and that individual treatments are relatively low-cost, meaning that exрense is sрread out over time.
  2. Another method for permanent hair removal at home is the use of topical creams. These creams have to be applied on the skin after undergoing some hair removal methods like shaving, plucking or waxing. Most of these products, which are touted as the best at home permanent hair removal, can actually reduce the hair growth. In case of machines, proper care is needed while operating them. If you are resorting to medicines, ensure that you seek proper medical advice.
  3. Epilating is another method of hair removal that leaves your skin smooth for several weeks. In this method, a small machine with a line of tweezers is used to pluck out the hair from the roots. As the machine moves over the skin, the hair is pulled out. Though slightly more painful than waxing, this is convenient since it does not involve the mess of heating wax, cloth strips and other items and the results last for several weeks.
  4. Sugaring hair removal is an ancient middle-eastern practice which uses a paste or gel derived from foods like sugar, water, and lemon juice to remove hair follicles from the roots. It is also called sugar waxing because the procedure is similar to waxing.
  5. The most common method of hair removal is waxing. In this method wax is heated and applied to the skin, taking care that the wax is not too hot and does not burn the skin. A piece of cloth is immediately pressed to the skin and stripped away, pulling the hair along with it.
  6. Laser treatment is faster and, generally, more comfortable than electrolysis, but can be more costly рer treatment session and can be less effective on certain tyрes of hair and skin. You have to replace this machine for laser hair removal at home once the laser pulses in the machine get over. Whatever may be the advantages, you have to carefully follow the instructions to avoid any complications.

These are the useful ways for permanent body hair removal at home. Try it and share your experience with us. So, if you know any hair removal tip please share with us via comments below.

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