The Best Winter Makeup Tips and Trends of 2011

Every year in the world of fashion, trends and styles are launched which concentrate on changing colors. There are two main elements in this process: summer brings bright colors, and winter brings with it dark and dramatic colors.

Winter is basically a time when along with the season, your fashion choices shift to something that is more comfortable with the colder weather, and as with other things, this includes your makeup. One of the most important things to remember during fall and winter to keep your skin from being dry, which usually happens during colder months is to moisturise.

In this article we share some interesting tips for winter makeup, explaining what you should avoid in makeup and best alternatives for things that work in summer time but do not work in winter season.

The Best Winter Makeup Tips of 2011

Here are some makeup tips for you to draw your inspiration for your winter 2011 makeup looks.

  • This year our expectations of renewal were answered. After years during which the dramatic winter look was uncompromising the entire fashion world has decided a change is required this winter.
  • A major element of the change that has taken place is going back in time through retro fashion, which is influenced this season by the classic looks of the 1950s, and which contains within it a variety of fresh colors.
  • The beauty and softness that one finds in simplicity are, this winter, given center stage in the fashion world. Meanwhile, the dominant colors for the season are mainly brown and beige colors, across their entire spectrum of shades, with inspiration coming from fabrics and textures such as lace, velvet and silk.
  • If you are going to be exposed to cold weather for longer than 20 minutes, do not use creams that may leave a moisture level just under your makeup, it may destroy your makeup. If you use moisturizer, make sure you choose light consistency moisturizer so skin of your face will absorb it fully before makeup application.
  • To party in winter, choose powder make up foundation, it’s more resistant for temperature changes.
  • If it’s really cold outside, avoid liquid foundations, they do not like temperature changes.
  • Mascara, eyeliners or lip liners should be waterproof you will be sure that your makeup will stay on.
  • This is the perfect season for you to play with different eyeshadow colors, whether you choose sweet shades of pink, beige, or brown, or on the contrary, more powerful and warmer shades of purple or chocolate. We cannot forget the already popular metallic, such as golden or silver, for a luminous look.
  • For winter 2011 you are allowed to use lighter eyeshadow on the entire top eyelid, even going up towards the brow. It is not necessary to use mascara or eyeliner, but keep the makeup as simple as possible. It is trendy and luminous, but you need to feel it and wear it with self-confidence.
  • When you choose blush or eye shadows, pick mousse one and avoid eye shadows that contain Vaseline.
  • Avoid pink and red makeup colors in winter if you don’t want skin redness effect.
  • In winter time make up is not as much sensitive to cold as to drastic temperature changes. If you change environments from very cold to very hot (from outdoor to indoor), your makeup is in danger thanks to intensified blood flow to the skin’s surface.

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