Ten Easy Ways To Increase Your Metabolic Rate

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just wanting to maintain your sleek physique, boosting your metabolism to a higher rate is always a good idea. Learn how to boost metabolism the natural way by making small changes to your diet and lifestyle. Increasing your metabolism means your body burns calories at a higher rate. So if your metabolism is high, it’s burning calories even when you aren’t working hard at the gym. So, I have complied some easy ways for you to give your metabolism a boost.

The Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

  1. The first thing you need to do is add breakfast to your daily meal planner. Although many people don’t like eating breakfast, it gives your body the rev up it needs to launch your metabolism. A 250-calorie snack is all it takes to boost your metabolism in the morning.
  2. Kick it up a notch: The next time you run, swim, or even walk, ramp up the intensity for 30-second intervals, returning to your normal speed afterward. Using this strategy will help you consume more oxygen and make your cell powerhouses, the mitochondria, work harder to burn energy. This way, you can exercise for less time than it takes to plod along at the same pace and still get great results.
  3. Caffeine doesn’t just give you the energy needed to start your day, it gives your metabolism a boost too. Caffeine raises your body’s ability to burn fat and can help with weight loss. All kinds of drinks like coffee, soda, and energy drinks have caffeine, but if you are health conscious it is best to stick with options like black coffee and tea.
  4. Keep Calcium Levels Up: Current obesity research shows that a dip in calcium levels can trigger the same hormone that causes the body to hold onto fat to be released. Choose low-fat dairy, cheese, yogurt, salmon, tofu, and oatmeal.
  5. Drink Green Tea: The polyphenols, specifically EGCG, in green tea have properties that rev up your metabolic rate. However, green tea takes dedication. You have to drink about 4 to 5 cups a day to see results.
  6. Eat breakfast: Breakfast eaters lose more weight than breakfast skippers do, according to studies. “Your metabolism slows while you sleep, and it doesn’t rev back up until you eat again.  So if you bypass breakfast, your body won’t burn as many calories until lunchtime as it could.
  7. Vitamin B is Key: Getting in all over your vitamin B, which you can do by incorporating small amounts of nuts, seeds, lean chicken, beef, and fish into your diet, helps maintain a healthy metabolism.
  8. Adding some spice to your life now has a whole new meaning. Some chemicals found in foods like chili peppers have been linked to a faster metabolism. Try eating a tablespoon of chopped chili pepper (make sure to have a glass of water on hand), or sprinkle some on your pasta, pizza, or any of your favorite foods.
  9. Eat Oily Fish: Fish such as tuna and salmon contain oil that increases leptin, which is a hormone responsible for controlling appetite.
  10. Try Interval Training: Aside from curing workout boredom, interval training allows you to burn more calories in less time. This is a great way for busy people with less time to get in a maximum workout.

Hopefully you will like them these useful lose weight tips. Which of these tips worked best for you? Do you have any other suggestions for how to boost your metabolism?

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