The Most Useful Redheads Makeup Tips

Millions of people worldwide buy cosmetics. People with red hair sometimes have trouble finding make up that suits them. For fair-skinned redheads, makeup colors should natural and not overpowering. It always seems to add a hint of extravagance to the appearance. Redheads often appear delicate, elf-like and mysterious. Nowadays its a real gift, emphasizing your strengths can be a real fun – here are some makeup tips to get the most out of your eye and hair color.

The Best Makeup Tips for Redheads

  1. When applying foundation the aim is not to alter your skin tone, but to even it out and get a smooth canvas. Try to stay away from shades with pink undertones, since your red hair already adds warmth to your face – instead opt for beige hues and yellow undertones.
  2. Redheads often have light eyelashes but the generous application of mascara creates expressive eyes. You can lengthen short lashes by using extension mascara. Very light skin often forms a hard contrast with black mascara. In such cases, brownish-black mascara is a better choice.
  3. Accenting the eyebrows the right way is important for redheads. Better apply eyebrow pencils in brownish red tones for a warm soft look and use the pencils with a light touch to create broken lines between the eyebrow hairs.
  4. If you have redness in your skin, avoid red toned eyeshadow and blush. It will only bring out the redness and make it look worse. If you’re more medium-toned in skin color, try a pinkish red. If you’re darker in skin tone, go for full on red.
  5. Lipsticks or lip gloss in natural shades like coral, peach, apricot and rose look great. Redheads who bring an artistic streak to applying make-up may also opt for the other extreme.
  6. Give your skin a light bronze on the t-zone. Be really subtle with your bronzer as it’s easy to over do it when you have pale skin. Over apply and you’ll find that you have a large streak across your face.
  7. When choosing a blush opt for coral and peachy shades if your skin is fair, while darker skin-toned redheads can use also raisin colors. Experiment with different formulas until you find what will work for you (cream, pressed, mineral, mousse or liquid blushers).

These are some redheads makeup tips that will help you find the best makeup colors for red hair, whether yours is natural or not.

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