How To Cover Up A Pimple With Makeup

Pimples are very common among boys and girls. Most of us are reluctant to go out for a party or for a hangout, when we have a large shinny red pimple flaunting on our face. It is too late to use an acne spot treatment because the pimple is already big and red, and it will take days for it to go away.

There are home remedies and certain medication to get rid of pimples but for a quick solution when you are set to head for a party, date or a wedding makeup is the only way to hide it. So to see some of the easy steps to getting a more flawless looking face in the presence of acne, just keep reading.

How To Hide a Pimple with Makeup

Check out best makeup tips on how to hide a pimple.

  • Apply toner on your pimple using a cotton swab, before you apply any cream or skin care products on your face. Leave the toner for 5 minutes. It will remove the excess oil.
  • If you want a quick fix, use eye drops. Pour some on a cotton swab and press onto the pimple for 2 minutes. This will reduce redness temporarily.
  • The next step would be to pick a concealer, foundation or some powder that matches your skin tone perfectly.
  • Apply foundation with your finger tips. Dab the area infected with a pimple, but do not strike it. Just dab to make it blend well with your face. Use the foundation on your neck as well, to give the similar skin color throughout.
  • Use a gentle cleanser and cleanse your whole face and that area especially and very thoroughly but be gentle and do not scrub your face! Make sure you moisturize well after cleansing with an oil-free moisturizer.
  • Use colour matched concealer. Apply it to the area around the pimple, not on top of it directly, just around it. This will cover up redness surrounding the pimple.
  • Leave the concealer for 2-5 minutes so that it will dry. Now use a makeup brush with a bit of concealer on it and apply it on your face to soften the edges and make the pimples look less obvious.
  • Let the concealer dry well, leave it for 5 minutes. Then apply face powder using a powder brush. Don’t opt for compact powder because the sponge that you use to apply compact powder will have a close contact on your face and this may redden or irritate your skin.
  • Take care that you do not end up highlighting your pimple, instead of hiding it. Do not apply too much of make up over your pimple. Just adhere to the norms given and you are perfectly ready to move out, despite having a pimple on your face!

There is no need for complicated make-up or expensive products  to hide a pimple. Simple and easy can do the job just as well. For a permanent solution it’s advised to go for any pimple home remedies or medication.

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